Hundreds Of Loved Up Irish Fans Serenade A Beautiful French Girl

Have you ever seen someone in public so beautiful that you’ve wanted to stop and sing to them until they eventually and inevitably get off with you? No, me neither – we don’t live in High School Musical… still, it’s fun to see hot people.

That’s what happened in Bordeaux when, after a 3-0 loss to Belgium, Ireland fans, still in high spirits, spotted a lovely blonde French girl and took it upon themselves to serenade her.

If ever you’ve wanted to see a video that compounds Irish stereotypes, this is it. Never have you heard so much slurred singing and the mumbled, wrong words of two songs that are pretty easy to remember… funny though.

One guy managed to sneak a cheeky kiss at the end; albeit one on the cheek but, you know… she’s hot so it all counts.

Odds on that he thought there’d be some sort of Richard Curtis style holiday romance after that, though… Looks like Ireland are pretty much out of the Euros so he needs something to cheer him up!

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