Incredible Surfboard Camera Shows Australian Lifeguard Saving A Little Girl’s Life

“Bondi Rescue” is a popular Australian television show about the brave men and women who protect the beachgoers at Australia’s world-famous Bondi Beach. Every episode is packed with its share of dramatic moments, but it’s this moment from episode 6, season 8 that’s making waves (pardon the pun). 

A little girl gets caught in a raging current, and lifeguards observe her frantically waving her arms and calling for help. Moments before she goes under, a skilled lifeguard named Terry jumps into action, paddling out as quick as he can to her before pulling her exhausted body out of the waves. 

Thankfully, this little girl is ok. Every rescue made by the Bondi lifeguards is a big deal, but this one has particular significance for Terry. He lost his infant son due to a lack of oxygen caused by complications in the birthing process. It’s an experience that inspires him to answer the call of duty every day.


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