Irish county hopes free lollipops will stop drunken brawls, accidents

It turns out that doctors offices arent the only businesses that hand out lollipops.

A county in Ireland — looking to crack down on drunken brawls and car accidents — are giving away the sweet treats at nightclubs.

“Like giving candy to a grumpy baby, lollipops are said to have similar effects on grown men and women, Mayo County Council’s road safety officer Noel Gibbons told Irish state broadcaster RTE. Moreover, arguments fueled by drunken bravado and macho attitudes often escalate following verbal exchanges, but stick a lollipop in their mouth, and it becomes a lot harder to shout.”

The lollipops wrappers are also printed with the message Get home safely.

Police and local nightclub owners are backing the effort, according to the BBC.

Gibbons said he hopes the campaign will start a conversation among Christmas party goers about the need to arrange safe transport home.

The lollipops are costing the county about a penny each and hundreds of them will be distributed to nightclubs in the coming weeks.

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