Irish Mother With Twins Hilariously Spoofs Beyoncs Baby Photo

Whatever Queen B can do, this mother-of-five from Ireland can do funnier.

Beyoncalmostbroke the internet late Thursday when she shared this adorable first snap of her 1-month-old twins, Sir Carter and Rumi, to Instagram:

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Within a matter of minutes, the image had garnered more than 1 million likes.

It also inspired Sharon Kellaway, who gave birth to her own twins Senan and Zoe in February, to recreate Beyonces photograph shoot in her own backyard:

Kellaway, 40, from Cork, told the Irish news website that she wanted to poke fun at the pop stars picture because she looked so unrealistic.

I wonder how many photos Beyonc had to get through to get the right one, she wrote on Facebook. My 6 year old (Megan)took the photos… no qualifications and still did a mighty job.

Kellaway, who has two other children aged 7 and 9, told the website that she never expected her post to go viral and resonate around the world.

It was just random.I have the twins, the blanket and the veil, a few home-grown flowers in the garden, she told Mirror Online. I had what she had, so why not?

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