Italian Models Forget Their Knickers At The Venice Film Festival

Two Italian models –Giulia Salemi and Dayane Mello – made the relatively bold fashion statement of going without their underwear at the Venice Film Festival.

By the looks of it not an accident, the two women both wore crotch-baring gowns that left little to the imagination…

While some people are suggesting that this is an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, others are speculating that Giulia andDayane might be reclaiming the crotch, so to speak, after years of the tabloids publishing candid, unsolicited, paparazzi photos of women’s bodies.

Either that, or it’s just a forward thinking fashion statement, and we’ll all be doing it in a few years…

The models were walking the red carpet for the upcoming HBO show, The Young Pope, which stars Jude Law asPope Pious XIII (as the title suggests, the youngest man to everbecome Pope).

You can check out the trailer here:

Image Credits:Getty

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