Japan Makes The Most Stunning Sweets

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Internet, it’s that Japan makes some pretty awesome stuff. From captivating anime to mouthwatering cuisine, Japan never ceases to amaze our senses. 

Japanese desserts do a wonderful job of combining art and flavor, as you’ll see in these 15 sweet treats. Some of them look too beautiful to eat, but we know we wouldn’t be able to resist ourselves if we came face-to-face with anything on this list.

After looking through this list, the standard cake and ice cream for dessert might not cut it anymore. If you could eat just one, which one would you choose?

1. Candy Cats Playing With Goldfish

Caroline and Laura

These playful candy cats want to eat those jelly goldfish just as much as you.

2. Water Cake




Known as Mizu Shingen Mochi, this clear rice cake is one of Japan’s hottest dessert trends. It is served with syrup and a flour made from roasted soybeans called “kinako.” The craziest part? It disappears in 30 minutes. As if you didn’t need more of a reason to devour this dessert.

3. Cat Donuts


If our cats were magically transformed into donuts, this is probably what they would look like.

4. Realistic Animal Lollipops




Easily one of the most artistic treats on this list. The amount of detail involved in each one is astounding. I think I might feel guilty eating such a beautiful lollipop.

5. Marshmallow Cat


Marshmallows in hot cocoa are nice, but what about one that’s shaped like a cat and peeks out at you every time you take a sip?

6. Flower Cake

Hana No Babaroa

These cakes use some sort of clear gelatin and real flowers to create this stunning display. Notice the gold flakes on top. Something tells me this cake might be a little more expensive than one from the grocery.

7. Chirin-chirin Ice Cream


We’ve seen cotton candy shaped like flowers, but ice cream? Eating one of these cones petal-by-petal must be extremely satisfying.

8. Lounging Bears

Bento Monsters

These little white bears are an adorable way to liven up any beverage.

9. Edible Gemstones


I’d be afraid of breaking my tooth on one of these. These candies look so much like gemstones, I’m not entirely convinced they didn’t go mining for some of them.

10. Kitty Fortune Cookies


Paper fortunes are read and forgotten, but you’ll treasure one of these tiny toy kittens forever.

11. Orange Peel Cake

D. Hatena

Trying to eat healthier? This orange peel cake makes it look just like you’re snacking on a healthy piece of fruit, when in reality you’re chowing down on some cake in disguise.

12. Puppy Paw Cherry Blossoms

Tokyo Skytreetowm

These puppy paw cherry blossoms are simple, elegant, and look downright delectable.

13. Hugging Bear Cookies

Maa Tamagosan

It’s a tiny bear holding onto a tiny nut … what could be cuter?

14. Wagashi


Wagashi are typically made from plant ingredients and served with tea. A great deal of time and effort is put into making each confection look like a work of art.

15. Jelly Goldfish

Miki Nagata

These “goldfish” are made from apricot, pineapple, red peas, and sesame seeds, all enclosed in gelatin.

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