Katie Hopkins Sparks Outrage With Tweets About British Muslim Family Barred From USA

Christmas has come early for Donald Trump, as a family of British Muslims has been barred from entering the US.

Mohammad Tariq Mahmood was hoping to take his children (along with his brother, and his brother’s children) to California to reunite with family who they hadn’t seen for 15 years. They had various tourist outings already booked, including a long-anticipated trip to Disneyland, and had spent 9,000 on the trip.

While waiting at the airport, a member of British Border Control approached the family and informed them that there was a problem with their visas. They wouldn’t be able to board.

Now, while most people have been outraged by this sudden and unexplained problem with visas that had gone through successfully just weeks before, Katie Hopkins has decided that stopping nine children from going to Disneyland is a reasonablesecurity measure.

Hopkins tweeted:

If ignorance is bliss, then Katie Hopkins must be the happiest woman alive.

She quickly upset a lot of people who couldn’t comprehend how a middle aged woman with children can be so abhorrent.

We’re sure your not alone Mark.


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