Kim Kardashian Looks Gorg In This Straitjacket For Australian Vogue

Kim K recently appeared on the cover of ‘s June issue looking all sorts of gorgeous. Her flawless photoshopped makeup looks impeccably dewy. She’s got the wind in her hair and her hair stuck to her lip gloss (celebs are just like us, amirite!?). So what’s the issue? Nothing, if you like looking like an extra from .

Along with the obvious straitjacket, we also have a T-shirt that North West presumably took a pair of scissors to and yet another fucking waist trainer that totally works.

As you can see, she definitely likes the neutral, nude outfits. This girl’s body was made for being naked, so kudos to you, Kim K. But come on with this cover, Kimmy. While it stays true to her minimalistic style, Kim should know she’s gotta leave the crazy at home with Kanye.


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