Live vicariously through this Brazilian teen and her potato BFF

Sometimes we find our dearest friends in the most unlikely places.

Brazilian teenager Roberta Bernardo found her newest bestie on a trip to the supermarket.

Nineteen-year-old Bernardos caption reads, Today I was at the market and then I saw this potato and she was so cute, so I brought her home and I washed and dressed her. I love my potato.

Bernardo was instantly enchanted by the starchy vegetable. She told BuzzFeed Brazil, She looked like a little baby with little arms.

Bernardo documented the potato’s journey on , from market to bathtime to Internet star.

Roberta Bernardo/Facebook

She is richer and more powerful now, Bernardo said.

Bernardo also created a fan page for the potato, who she calls simply Amiga Batata, or Potato Friend. The young diva spud already has upwards of 8,000 fans.

Let’s hope she doesn’t let fame get the best of her. Because this looks like its going to be a beautiful friendship.

H/T BuzzFeed | Photo via Roberta Bernardo/Facebook


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