Married Japanese couple become Instagram stars thanks to their daily matching outfits

Every couple expresses their love differently. Some post lovey-dovey photos aggressively on social media. Some get each other personalized gifts. Some just like to Netflix and pizza.

One Japanese couple expresses their love through wearing tasteful, matching outfits almost every single day. Considering they have been married for 37 years, maybe this is the secret to long-lasting marriage that we’ve all been missing?

If it used to be a secret, it is now very much so public. The over-60 couple has become an international sensation thanks to their Instagram account.

As you can see, their level of matching isn’t just wearing the same T-shirt over jeans. Their coordinated outfits go together in more subtle ways, such as following the same color scheme or featuring the same print fabric.

Instead of being tacky, this couple has taken matching outfits to a more sophisticated place while also keeping it adorable in a homey way.

This fashion-conscious couple’s rise to Instagram stardom has been meteoric. Just two months ago, they posted a thank you photo for reaching 10,000 followers. Now they have over 96,000.

We wish them many more years of matching outfits.


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