Mexican mayor and officers arrested in murder of 10 people found burned

Michoacn state prosecutor says that the mayor gave the order to four officers to kill 10 people and burn their bodies, motivated by a rivalry over drug sales

A mayor and four local police officers have been arrested in a western Mexican state in connection with the murder of 10 people, who were killed and burned over the weekend.

Governor Silvano Aureoles of Michoacn said in an interview with Imagen Radio on Tuesday that authorities initially thought the bodies found in a pickup near a gas pipeline in Cuitzeo had been somehow connected to illegal pipeline taps.

However, Aureoles said that the investigation eventually revealed that police from the town of lvaro Obregn had detained the victims.

alvaro obregon mexico

Speaking with Milenio television, Aureoles said that interviews point directly to the mayor who gave the order. Without naming the mayor, he said he and four police officers had been transported to prison.

The state prosecutor Jos Martn Godoy also said in a news conference on Monday night that the mayor gave the order. After they were detained, on instructions from the mayor, the civilians were transported to a place in lvaro Obregn where they were killed and then they took the bodies to a property in Cuitzeo where they set them on fire, he said.

The motive appeared to be related to a rivalry over street-level drug sales, Aureoles said.

The state of Michoacn has been convulsed for years by drug violence.


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