Mexico works on plan to deal with Trump’s possible deportations

(CNN)The Mexican government is working on a plan to deal with possible mass deportations under President-elect Donald Trump, a presidential spokesman says.

In a news conference Monday, Eduardo Sanchez, spokesman for Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto, told reporters deportations would be part of any agenda discussed by Pea Nieto and Trump.




      Trump stokes immigration fears in New Mexico


    Trump added: “we want to secure our border.”
    Pea Nieto has expressed interested in meeting with Trump before he takes office on January 20. This would be the second meeting between the two.
    Meanwhile, Pea Nieto spoke by phone Monday with outgoing US President Barack Obama on progress in the bilateral relationship between the two countries, including economic growth, combating organized crime, and migration, a statement read.
    The statement says “the Mexican president expressed his appreciation to President Obama for being a great friend and ally of Mexico, as well as a committed partner.
    “For his part, President Obama stressed how much the United States values, and depends on, the relationship and collaboration with Mexico.”

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