Miss Teen USA Eliminates Swimsuit Competition Because #Feminism

The Miss Teen USA competition will no longer include the swimsuit part of the competition, and teenage boys decided that they will no longer be watching the Miss Teen USA competition. Instead of watching the future girlfriends of NBA athletes wear bikinis and heels, they’ll wear athleisure clothes. I’d like to applaud whatever Lululemon executive made that happen.

Apparently, the bikini round was supposed to “show off the contestants’ athleticism,” because nothing says that you can run a 7-minute mile like wearing a sequined bikini top. Tbh, it’s probably a solid PR move to stop requiring teenagers stage an amateur Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

But don’t even try to fool us like this is a huge win for feminism. WE KNOW that instead of drooling over hot girls in bikinis, they chose “athleisure” so men could drool over hot girls in yoga pants and sports bras instead. You’re not that slick, Miss Teen USA. We’re onto you.

And just as a reminder, it is not a beauty pageant, it’s a scholarship competition.

Source: http://www.betches.com/

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