Nasty Gal Might Get Bought Out By Some British Betches

Nasty Gal went broke recently, which was embarrassing for everyone. I mean, this really hasn’t been the year for nasty women, apparently. But just because they went bankrupt doesn’t mean they’re gone forever… maybe.

According to rumors, the British site Boohoo is possibly in talks to buy Nasty Gal. So basically a British site in shining armor is swooping in to save the day. I mean, who isn’t a sucker for a foreign accent? We always figured we’d be rescued by a Brit at some point in our lives, and maybe now is the time for Nasty Gal.

And much like Kate marrying into British royalty, Nasty Gal would be upgrading to a larger parent company and more global reach. We don’t know much about Boohoo, but from checking out their site it seems like we’d probably get along with them. I mean, their romper section is def worth a look.

Anyways, all of this is speculation right now because Boohoo won’t admit there’s anything going on with Nasty Gal. But we know that just because they haven’t made it Facebook official doesn’t mean they’re not already hooking up late at night. Text screenshots don’t lie, and Boohoo has been spotted registering a company as “Nasty Gal Ltd” in the UK, which is basically like a proposal if you ask me.


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