NEWS: Sick Video Shows Chinese Restaurant Cooks Laughing While Preparing Rats For Meals

You may have heard rumors of the Chinese and their questionable cooking habits, but who could ever imagine actual rats being boiled and skinned in preparation for a restaurant meal?

We’d like to offer a disclaimer: If you’re squeamish please do not read any further, this post is not for you. This post is strictly intended to bring forth news and educate. We do not under any shape or form condone or promote animal cruelty. These sick images reveal actual workers in a restaurant in China taking live rats, dumping them in boiling water, and then removing their fur.

In the video you not only hear the animals shrieking in pain when they are placed in the boiling water, but then you see them squirm helplessly on the ground before the skinning takes place.

Then the shocker to all this. The chef is actually laughing while torturing the helpless animals.

The video has nearly 100,000 views in only 24 hours, and no doubt that number will grow, as the disgust grows from the sick behavior on display.

Animal cruelty in China is nothing new, but the condemnation against it is growing. Really disgusting and to think this is taking place in a restaurant is enough to make your stomach churn.

This stuff needs to stop and these individuals need to be given the maximum punishment possible for these crimes against animals and humans. Sick!

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