Pam Anderson Wore A Sheer Top To Speak In French Parliament

Baywatch Betch Pamela Anderson has always been famous for her provocative outfits (or lack of outfits), and she doesnt change her ways for anyone. Earlier this week, Pam spoke at the French National Assembly to support a bill that would make force feeding ducks illegal. (People force feed the ducks so that their livers will be fatter when theyre turned into foie gras.) For her big appearance, Pam wore a modest knee-length skirt and trench coat, but added some spice by wearing a sheer blouse. Like, the entire French Parliament got to see her bra.

As Pamelas past outfit choices go, this is probably one of her most conservative, but we have a feeling a couple members of Parliament were probably less than thrilled. That being said, some of the men were probably a little too thrilled. Either way, Pam did what she could to save the animals, which is basically all she wants in this life. And to be naked. Whatever.


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