Paris attacks: International manhunt for terror suspect, 150 raids across France

Paris (CNN)An international manhunt is underway for a French citizen who is suspected of involvement in the deadly Paris terrorist attacks and has already managed to slip through police’s fingers at least once.

The French government is stepping up its response to Friday night’s bloodthirsty rampage across Paris by attackers armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and suicide vests who massacred at least 129 people.

French warplanes on Sunday bombarded the Syrian city that serves as the de facto capital for ISIS, the Islamic extremist group that has claimed responsibility for the attacks.In France, where a state of emergency is in effect, police carried out raids around the country overnight into Monday, seizing weapons that included a rocket launcher, officials said.

Valls, the French Prime Minister, said the raids in various locations targeted people on a special watch-list, adding that guns, money and marijuana were found and seized.

Twenty-three people are in custody, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Monday, adding that a rocket launcher and bullet proof vest are among the items seized. He said he had ordered that 104 people be put under house arrest since the attacks.

Valls said that more than 150 police raids have been carried out under the state of emergency across France since Friday.

At least seven people have been arrested in weekend raids in Belgium connected to the Paris attacks, officials said. Those arrested were in contact with the Paris attackers, a senior Belgian counterterrorism source told CNN. No weapons or explosives were found on them.


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