People Cant Handle This Heartbreaking German Christmas Advert

The theme of this Christmas seems to be lonely old men. First, John Lewis fired one up to the moon, so he could wave at little girls whilst crying.

Yes, moving, but also silly enough that it inspired a ton of parodies, andit was difficult to feel sorry for this man on the moon once we’d seen him comparing the price of telescopes

Then, the Spanish Christmas Lottery one-upped John Lewis. Their heartbreaking Christmas ad featured a night-watchman in a mannequin factory, who – after spending his long lonely shifts doing nice things for his daytime colleagues – got one hell of apay off.

This had won. Surely no advert could get more heart-warming than that?!

Heart-warming, probably not, but this German Christmas advert hashad a go at being even more heart-breaking. Featuring – yes – a lonely old man alone at Christmastime, it shows the extreme measurespeople will go to, just to see their family together.

(Turn the captions on to see English subtitles):

While we would actually be pretty annoyed – then terrified – then yes, probably relieved – if an aged member of our family pulled a stunt like that, this advertmakes us want to see our elderly relatives more than a crying man on the moon ever could..

Now, what’s next? How about alonely old man who has to pay his unfeeling grandchildrento spend even just one day with him? Or maybe whosefriends come together after his wife tragically dies on Christmas Day?

Heart-breaking, heart-warming – whatever – we’re prepared.



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