Pilot Films Woman Ice Skating In The Mountains Of British Columbia

This is an ice skaters dream.

Figure skating in the mountains! Most ice skaters are confined to practicing and performing in ice rinks, so when an opportunity like this comes around, its one to jump at. This was Katrina Lazzarottos reaction when she was asked if she wanted a figure skating mountain adventure. She jumped at the fantasy turned reality scenario. With the help of a helicopter, Katrina and her friend Bradley Friesen flew 5,000 feet to the Canadian Rockies. Bradley spotted the perfect frozen lake and told Katrina that’s the one she’s going to skate on. Katrina was clearly blown away at the sight of this incredible lake.

They landed and Katrina put her skates on. It was the first time in four years that Katrina had skated, but this fairy tale skate session would make up for all those lost years away from the ice. A beautiful scene as she is surrounded by snow-covered rocky mountains and the frozen lake looks absolutely pristine! Truly a time she will never, ever forget and its great we can share in her adventure with this incredible footage that was captured!

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