Planning on moving to Canada? Here’s what you need to know.

Image: mashable composite: emojipedia

As we approach the final hours of this horrific presidential election, now more than ever, Americans want to hightail it to Canada.

Before Americans pack their bags and move to the Great White North, Canadians are offering some last-minute insight on their country that could either make or break the decision to relocate.

America’s neighbor has been pretty supportive during these tough political times. And now that Election Day has arrived, Canadians are hopping on Twitter to provide Americans with some much needed comic relief.

Canadians took the time to remind Americans that they are super kind.

And that they have Justin Trudeau…

But they also have different, somewhat confusing currency…

And they get some serious snow down there…

One Canadian also took the time to remind Americans how progressive the country is.

And finally, they just wanted to offer some support…

Well, there you have it. Canada sounds pretty great.


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