Prince William hung out with the Crown Prince of Jordan to watch England slay at the World Cup

Britain's Prince William and Jordanian Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah visit the Jerash archaeological site.
Image: AHMAD ABDO/AFP/Getty Images

Prince William would have had a lot to answer for if he hadn’t watched the England vs Panama World Cup match, during which England absolutely smashed it out of the park. 

Thankfully the future King of England takes his football viewing duties very seriously, and waited until he could kick back with the Crown Prince of Jordan and watch the match properly on a massive screen at the Beit Al Urdun Palace. 

ICYMI, the Duke of Cambridge is currently on a royal visit to Jordan, which means he’s not fully able to devote himself to World Cup watching. 

According to a tweet posted by Kensington Palace, Prince William wasn’t able to watch the match — in which England beat Panama 6-1 — in real-time. 

He therefore had to avoid any potential spoilers until he was able to properly sit down with the Crown Prince of Jordan, Hussein bin Abdullah, to give England’s smashing performance his undivided attention. 

Get a load of that enormous screen. 

Image: kensington palace / twitter 

Here’s hoping England continue to do him proud.


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