Real-Life Russian TV Show Is Basically Hunger Games…WTF?!

Even if you never read or saw “The Hunger Games,” you probably know it’s about a sporting event that pits children against one another — to the death.

But that’s just fiction, right? One Russian millionaire doesn’t seem to think so. He’s created a new reality show that encourages contestants to do anything to stay alive — including fighting, raping, and even murder.

The 35-year-old creator of the show, Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, calls the show “absolutely extreme.” Unbelievably, in July 2017, 30 willing men and women will be dropped in the Siberian wilderness and left to fend for themselves. No camera crews or doctors will be present, and although contestants will have a “panic button” attached to a satellite, it will take helicopters at least half an hour to reach their location.

Why would anyone put themselves through this madness? Well, all who survive will share a prize of over a million dollars.

For nine months, participants of “Game 2: Winter” will be left to fend for themselves in the Siberian wilderness. The show will live-stream online 24/7 via hidden cameras in the woods and hand-held cameras provided to contestants.

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Once the games begin, the 30 men and women will have two to three months to forage for food, build shelters, and prepare for winter. After cold weather hits, temperatures as low as -40° C are to be expected.

Most shocking, however, are the rules, which state that it is “every man for himself.” Some news outlets are even reporting that the show’s creator commented stating that

Along with the dangerous weather and human factors, participants may encounter wildlife, dangerous insects, and more. Pyatkovsky said


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