Russia Violates Treaty & Moves Into U.S. Waters Now Even Republicans Are Calling For An Investigation Into Trump’s Red Ties!

What year is this???

In a move straight out of the Cold War, Russia has positioned a spy ship in the waters off the coast of Delaware and carried out flights near a U.S. Navy warship.

They also deployed a cruise missile, in violation of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

All this is leading even Republicans to call for a deeper investigation into how closely Trump is tied to Russia.

Per VICE, Senate Majority Whip (and Senate Intelligence Committee member) John Cornyn told reporters he thought an investigation should be carried out. Fellow committee member Roy Blunt, the Republican Senator from Missouri, said America “needs” the investigation:

“The Senate Intelligence Committee, again that I serve on, has been given the principal responsibility to look into this, and I think that we should look into it exhaustively so that at the end of this process, nobody wonders whether there was a stone left unturned, and shouldn’t reach conclusions before you have the information that you need to have to make those conclusions.”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham told CNN:

“I want to know, did Gen. Flynn do this by himself or was he directed by somebody to do it?”

John McCain called the resignation “a troubling indication of the dysfunction of the current national security apparatus.”

We’re glad to see common sense winning out so early in the Presidency!

Obviously it’ll take more than a handful of GOP leaders to come together with Democrats to demand answers, but it’s an important step.

And it’s looking like a more and more pertinent one.

[Image via NBC/ATP/WENN.]


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