Russian Hunter Bags Trophy of His Life after Shooting Half-a-Ton MONSTER

If you’re not a hunter, you may not appreciate this post as much as others.

For those of you with a healthy appetite for meat and the outdoors, this is a catch that would make anyone excited! On Friday the 13th 36-year-old Peter Maximov got the luckiest break in hunting that he’s ever had with an ~500 kilo boar.

Apparently in Chelyabinsk, Russia there’s an entirely different meaning to Friday the 13th; it’s the only explanation I can think of as to how this amazing hunting trip could turn into something like this. In the forests of the Ural Mountains Peter laid his bait for wild boar, only to discover the boar he lured in was roughly around half a ton in weight. From his perch up in a hunting tower he saw the beast roam forward into his line of sight. Unfortunately, the gun he was using to bring the beast down just wasn’t strong enough, but he knew he wounded it.

As the animal ran deeper into the forests from whence it came, Peter knew for a fact that chasing a monster was more than he was able to do by himself. Had he gone alone, he may not have survived. Facing a regular boar could be enough for anyone to turn tail and run if they know what the beasts are capable of, but Peter wanted his catch.

After a bit of searching, Peter and a local ranger set out to find the now-missing monster boar. They found the trail and quickly located the wounded boar, putting it down for good as fast as possible.

For anyone unfamiliar, a wild boar will as quickly eat you as tear you apart with it’s massive tusks. Peter and the ranger didn’t really have time to think as the wild boar charged them, but two nearby hunters did, and finished it off.

Any hunter would wet their pants at a catch like this, but keeping his cool allowed Peter et. al to catch quite possibly the biggest boar I’ve ever seen. I just hope the Boar Gods from Princess Mononoke aren’t pissed off!

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