Russian Woman Decorates House With 30,000 Bottle Caps


In the remote Russian village of Karmarchaga stands a house like no other. At first glance, it appears to have an elaborate and vibrant paint job, but the home’s exterior has been hand-crafted with something far more unexpected – over 30,000 bottle caps. Even crazier? The entire project was completed by one woman, Olga Kostina.

Olga says she collected bottle caps for years before beginning the arduous process of nailing them to her home. Some areas are striking mosaics, others interpretations of local woodland creatures, but don’t take our word for it. This is one sight you have to see for yourself.

Kostina’s home has become a well-known landmark in Karmarchaga, and it’s no wonder. Just look at all the beautiful colors and patterns she’s created! 

It’s hard to believe that she nailed each bottle cap one by one, but the proof is in the picture. 


However, Kostina didn’t stop with her house – she’s also decorated other homes and buildings in the area. 

The fun colors and designs go a long way in keeping up local’s spirits in the subarctic region. 

She’s clearly an extraordinary woman to not only dream of something so bizarrely beautiful, but create it with her own two hands. It’s an unforgettable sight. 

Via: Life Buzz


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