Ryan Lochte Apparently Doesn’t Know The Difference Between Canadian & Jewish Holidays HUH?!

Oh, Ryan… no.

For what was supposed to be a feature which painted

During a shopping excursion with one of the magazine’s journalists, the swimmer’s publicist brought up how she decided to attend the trip to the El Lay based shopping center, named The Grove, because work was slow due to Yom Kippur. That’s when the writer revealed Lochte asked:

Speaking of his Olympics scandal, the professional athlete opened up about the backlash he faced and the fear he had of putting himself out there for Dancing With The Stars. He noted:

“I was at my lowest low. The darkest place of my life… I didn’t want to put myself out there just yet. I was scared to show my face in public.”

Poor thing. And it seems as though Ryan couldn’t be more grateful for his time on DWTS. The A-lister continued:

“If I wasn’t on this show, I don’t know what I would have done. This has really gotten me out of the dark hole.”

While Ryan is aligning himself very closely with the ABC hit, he’s certainly distancing his brand from old defender Billy Bush. When asked about the Donald Trump leaked tape that the scandalized TODAY show host has been wrapped up in, the journalist noted Lochte simply murmured “noncommittally” on the subject. Huh.

We have a feeling his publicist will clarify all of this sooner than later…

[Image via Ryan Lochte/Instagram.]

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