Sea Turtle Is Rescued By Kayaker On Spanish Coast

Kayaks sure have come a long way from the hand-built, seal-skin boats of the Arctic. Various changes to the design of the traditional “qajaq” have allowed this tiny watercraft to ply just about any of the waters in the world. One man, Ed Gillet, even paddled his way from California to Hawaii in one! Most of us are not so ambitious and stick to lakes, rivers, and the coastal regions.

One such coastal paddler was out for a fun day of kayaking off the coast of Gran Canaria, in Spain (coincidentally, this is where a famous transatlantic kayak crossing also began), when something surprising came his way. A sea turtle swam right up to his boat. The turtle was tangled up in a mess of human garbage, possibly some fishing gear, and was having difficulty maneuvering. Surely, if he remained like this, he would either starve to death, drown, or be eaten by a fast-moving predator.

The kind-hearted kayaker freed the turtle and even gave him a kiss before sending him on his way. The camerawomen filming the ordeal bid him farewell, saying, “So long, gorgeous!” It’s a heartwarming scene that also captures some of the true beauty of nature and the best of humanity.

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Kayakers Rescue Sea Turtle

The creature was tangled in a lot of line.

Posted by The Weather Channel on Monday, March 28, 2016

H/T: The Weather Channel


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