Security camera captures moment deer ran into Canadian rapper

This is the shocking moment a Canadian rapper was completely taken out by a rampaging DEER which smashed into him outside a hotel lobby.

CCTV video shows the bulldozing animal knock over Cary McCook as soon as he stepped out from his friends pickup truck.

The 25-year-old wrote after the collision: Bam, I got hit by Bambi.

Speaking about the impact he said that I know some guys can hit but not like a deer.

The aspiring rap artist revealed the deer was being chased by a dog when it ran into him in British Columbia, Canada, on April 1.

McCook, who is part of a group named Reka Nation, told news channel CBC: As you see I turn my back when I shut the door.

When I start to make my way towards the entrance I hear three gallops to my left. I turned. Before I could process it was a deer and try to get out of the way because my left leg was going left, my right leg was going right, leaving me in the middle.



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