Shopkeeper in Australia uses ‘improvised flamethrower’ against armed thugs


As President Obama and a bunch of other liberals have told us before, Australia is some sort of utopia because of its restrictive gun laws.Except if you’re a shopkeeper who keeps getting robbed by gun-toting thugs and you have to defend yourself with an “improvised flamethrower”:

The flamethrower consisted of insect spray and a lighter:

And check out how fast Mr. Rigney reacts. Here you can Rigney grab the spray and a lighter as soon as he sees the first of the masked men enter the store:Screenshot


Rigby is already firing at the first thug as the second one enters, but no flames … yet:


We have ignition!Rigney was able to use the flames as a diversion and escape:


Rigney was robbed in 2010, but he didn’t use a flamethrower that time:

Mr Rigneys act of retaliation marks the second time he has stood his ground against thieves.

In 2010, he chased an armed bandit down the road into the arms of waiting officers.

You can watch the entire video of the attack here.


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