Move over, Nessie theres a new monster in town. This week, researchers in Scotland unveiled the fossilized skeleton of the Storr Lochs Monster a Jurassicera predator known as an ichthyosaur that roamed the oceans 170 million years ago.

Its the most complete skeleton of a prehistoric sea reptile ever found in Scotland and is being hailed as the crown jewel of Scottish fossils.

The story of the skeletons discovery begins in 1966 on the Isle of Skye, when an amateur fossil hunter named Norrie Gillies came upon the rockembedded bones while walking the beach near the SSE Storr Lochs Power Station he managed.

They were sticking out of the rock in the tidal zone, so they would have been covered by water much of the day, Dr. Stephen Brusatte, of the University of Edinburghs School of GeoSciences, told The bones are chocolate brown and [would have stood] out from the much palercolored rock.

Gillies, who died in 2011, notified the local science community of his find. After unearthing the rocks, they were moved to a National Museums Scotland storage facility, where they sat for a good 50 years.