Spanish Lawmakers Want To Make Blue Wine Illegal

A while back we told you about this blue wine from Spain, and how its pretty much just a mix of red and white grapes with organic food coloring that turns the wineyou guessed itblue. Look. Wine is wine and I support whatever your fave is (unless its moscato, I cant respect that) but stop trying to fuck with a good thing. Wine is already the best thing ever and no one worth worrying about has ever been like, If only this came in blue, then Id be happy. Like fuck that, wine is great as is. Well luckily Spain agrees and thinks this blue wine is tacky af and is trying to pull rank with some law that says only red, white and ros wines can be classified as wine and this blue shit is a big-ass phony.

On a side note, can we just talk about the fact that Spain found it necessary to pass legislation on whether or not wines that arent the standard colors are actually wine? What a fucking country. Screw Canada. Im moving to Spain. Theyve got their priorities straight.

Okay sorry. Back to the point. The company that developed this blue wine is super annoyed because if they want to stay in Spain, theyll have to rebrand as something other than wine, which sucks for them, since blue alcohol isnt exactly an original idea. So far Gik, the weirdos behind this shit, has had to pay a fine and layoff people because of it, but theyre not going down without a fight. Theyve started a petition so they can stay in Spain AND call themselves wine, and even started a hashtag on Twitter, #FreedomofColor. Lol, that seems a little misleading. I mean, I dont see that and think about the injustice of wine, but we’re all fighting our own battles I guess.


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