Spanish Matador Brutally Killed on Live TV By Bull He Was Fighting

To me it is insane that bullfighting – a sport that traditionally sees a matador taunt the creature around the ring, until he eventually kills it with a sword (?!) – is still a thing.

But it is, and in Spain, where the sport is still popular, it is even broadcast live on TV. Sadly this weekend, however, the cruel sport claimed the life of one of the countries top sportsmen 29-year-old Victor Barrio.

On the live broadcast, Victor, who was using the muletazo manoeuvre as part of his act, was caught off guard by the 87 stone bull and it’s horns pierced his chest, fatally puncturing his lungs and heart.

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The packed stadium – because people do still watch this stuff – including Victor’s wife, watched on, as he was taken from the ring. He is the first Spanish matador to die in the ring since 1985.

Image: Youtube

His death comes on the same weekend as the annual San Fermin running with the bulls event, where two men were also gored and many others injured.

My thoughts go out to Victor’s family at this sad time, but I hope that his death works towards the end of this horrible sport.


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