Stephen Fry burns Donald Trump with spectacularly British insult

Stephen Fry didn’t miss the chance to throw some shade at the president.
Image: Joanne Davidson/SilverHub/REX/ap/Shutterstock

LONDON It wouldn’t be an awards show without at least one Donald Trump burn.

Luckily, during the 2017 BAFTAs on Sunday, host Stephen Fry was on hand to deliver.

During his opening monologue Fry jokingly referred to “the most overrated people on the planet” when addressing the audience. The camera cut to show Meryl Streep’s laughter, making the connection to Donald Trump’s infamous tweet about her pretty clear.

A short while later, when Fry introduced Streep herself, he went one step further.

“Unquestionably, on one of the greatest actresses of all time only a blithering idiot would think otherwise Meryl Streep!” he said.

Subtle, but undeniably effective.

Here’s how Streep reacted:

The joke went down well on Twitter.

“Blithering idiot” has there ever been a more gloriously British insult?


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