The Amazing Reason Why Two Of Brazil’s Biggest Male Stars Are Kissing

Brazilian actors Bruno Gagliasso and Joo Vicente de Castro, who are straight, surprised fans by sharing an impassioned — and very public — smooch at an awards ceremony last week. 

Gagliasso, who is married to Brazilian actress Giovanna Ewbank, shared a snapshot of the lip-lock, which took place at Brazils GQ Men of the Year awards in Rio de Janeiro, on his Instagram account. The men were presenters at the Nov. 27 televised event and spoke out against sexism in the arts shortly before the big moment. 

Aos machistas de carteirinha, hipcritas de planto e preconceituosos…. O nosso carinho e nosso amor de homem com H! Q venha 2016. @copacabanapalace #premiogq2015

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Gagliasso, who played a gay character on the Brazilian soap opera, “Amrica,” wrote in the caption that the kiss was aimed at “card-carrying macho” men as well as all “hypocritical and prejudiced” people, in an effort to show that there was nothing wrong with two men expressing “our affection and our love,” according to translations provided by The Huffington Post.

The 33-year-old described the move as “a kiss of hope, of love” in an interview with Quem, and added, “[It was] to show that we are working against intolerance, small-mindedness and hypocrisy.”

Check out video of the kiss below. 

Brazil is known for its spectacular LGBT Pride celebrations, and same-sex marriage was legalized across the country last year. Still, the nation also has one of the highest levels of violence toward LGBT people in the world. 

What a fantastic way to make a statement, guys!

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