The Definitive Compilation of Mexico Thanking Korea for Beating Germany

In the final game of the group stage, South Korea stunned Germany in a thrilling 2-0 victory that sent the reigning World Cup champions home early. The pivotal win by South Korea insured Mexico would advance to the knockout stage, sending the country and fans into total frenzy.

Outside the stadium and across Mexico; fans rushed to thank, praise and extol any Korean person they could find. It was fun, it was over-the-top, it was a smile-inducing storyline for football fans (excluding German ones).

Below is a definitive compilation of all the clips I could find of Mexico thanking South Korea for beating Germany, enjoy!

Outside the Stadium

At the Main Square in Mexico City and Beyond


Meanwhile at the South Korean Embassy in Mexico City..

Later that day at a Kia dealership…

Photo via @PepitaCorona on Twitter


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