The Eerie Aftermath of a Bastille Day Tragedy in Nice, France

This evening, a truck barreled into a crowd attending Bastille Day celebrations along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France. Early reports say more than 70 people died.

The photo above, among the first from the scene, shows the truck—presumably in the spot where it stopped after what local officials characterized as an attack. PhotographerValery Hache most likely used a long lens and an extremely high ISO to bring the truck into clear view.That resulted in a somewhat soft photo with a shallow depth of field. The image has been toned to increase the brightness and contrast, making the relevant details more visible. As a result, street lights and buildings beyond are overexposed and blown out.

The photographer was most likely standing at the edge of a police cordon, looking in at the unsettling scene.


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