There Are Some Very Weird Things Happening In China…

When it comes to news stories about China in Western media, they usually fall in one of a few categories: pollution, disaster, or just plain weirdness. This story lands in that last bucket.

Last week on China’s version of Twitter, Weibo, a photo series showing how to make a “shower girlfriend” was one of the most popular posts on the network. If you think that sounds strange, just wait until you see the pictures…

The crafter started with your basic shower and a number of simple crafting supplies.

Every shower girlfriend needs at least one thing…a super-creepy face.

Making sure “she” is anatomically correct is an important part of the process, too.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any creepier, he added eyes and a wig.

This thing is seriously my new nightmare.

It is, of course, still a fully functional shower. You can try to scream, but no one will hear you over the rushing water…

(via The Poke.)

I just…what the…WHY!?!?! Who would even think to make something like this in the first place?! I’d love to know the thought process behind this. Actually…on second thought, no. I’m better off not knowing.


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