There’s A Free 24-Hour Wine Fountain In Italy, BRB

Hey, betches studying abroad. Get your asses in gear to Italy right now.

There now exists a fountain that dispenses never-ending wine at all hours of the day. And it’s free. Also known as heaven.

The “fontana del vino” is located in the Italian town of Caldari di Ortona on the grounds of the Dora Sarchese Vineyard. The vineyard just opened this holy fountain this month, and it’s already blowing up on the IG.

Housed in what looks like a giant wine barrel, the spout literally pumps vineyard-quality wine 24 hours a day. For free. Don’t know if I can emphasize that enough.

Weirdly, it’s not intended to be a place where wine addicts (hi) flock to get unlimited booze, but a destination on a long religious pilgrimage from Rome to the town of Ortona where some long-dead Catholic dude is apparently buried. It’s apparently a 150-mile journey, so the need for unlimited wine completely makes sense.

Congratulations, Italy. Your country has now proven itself to be more worthy of my citizenship than the United States.


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