These American Teens Want To Save Glasgow And Scotland Isnt Thrilled About It

To be fair to the people in this video, their hearts are in the right place.

Members of the Hope Scouts – a group that goes “out of their way” to find different volunteering opportunities – these two American teens have reached across the pond, and are hoping to save Glasgow (or Glass-Cow, as they pronounce it).

Ah Glasgow. That barren wasteland, with “a culture of alienation and pessimism”. Those Glaswegians have been crying out for a couple of Americans to come and “clean and reconstruct” their “industrial wasteland” of a city, and now their wishes have been answered…

Oh no wait. Glaswegians haven’t been hanging around waiting for someone to come along and turn their “desperate” situation around.. And they’re not thrilled about this frankly patronising video…

The feedback on the original YouTube video (since deleted, but saved and re-uploded by A Thousand Flowers Blog) was very Scottish:

“F*ck away wi yees ahll smash a bottle a bucky aer yer f*ckin heeds.”

“F*ck sake imagine they wandered intae the gallowgate at night lookin tae help c****.”

“This is utter sh*te”

Again, their hearts were in the right place… We just have no idea how they decided that Glasgow was in such dire need of their help…

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