This Airport In India Has A Serious Problem With UFOs

When you think of UFO hotspots around the globe, does India make that list? For the average alien enthusiast, usually not. However, recent evidence released by the Indian government might just change that.

Earlier this month, the head of the Indian government agency responsible for protecting the country’s airports announced that more than 62 UFO sightings have been reported at a single hub since October 2015.

The airport in question is the relatively new and modern Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in New Delhi (pictured below).

Surender Singh, director general of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), revealed last week that his personnel have reported 62 UFO sightings near the airport since October of last year.

Singh made his remarks regarding the sightings during a meeting to celebrate his organization’s 47th anniversary.


“This is a general problem which is not only confined to the airport. There are other sensitive installations too (near the airport area). Soon guidelines will be out determining the responsibility of each agency in such cases,” said Singh.

While many of the sightings turned out to be balloons or laser pointers, there are still many that remain unsolved.

“We take them all very seriously. We assume the[y’re] genuine and all the procedures are undertaken to check them,” remarked Singh.

Maybe someone opened up an interplanetary terminal at the New Delhi airport and forgot to alert the public?


(via Mysterious Universe)

The logical side of me just wants to believe that all those sightings are simply kids messing around. Still though, out of 62 sightings, you’ve got to think that at least one of them might be the real thing. I suppose time will tell on this one…


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