This Brazilian dog belongs on a pro soccer team

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Brazilwhat could be better than heading down to the beach to play a little ball with your dog?

If your pooch is as talented as Scotch, the Australian Shepherd in this video, the answer is “not much”.

No fetching a wet tennis ball from the water for this amazing canine. He’d rather gather around with some pals for a game of altinha (basically, hacky-sack with a soccer ball).

It’s hard to say what’s more impressivethat Scotch nails his turn perfectly every time:

Or how patiently he waits for the ball to come to him:

The focus? The skills? The commitment to teamwork? Looks like this guy is ready for the big time. See you the at 2018 World Cup, Scotch.

Screengrab via ViralHog/YouTube


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