This Canadian campaign offered nude photos for votes

This article contains sexually explicit material

Canadian group “Sluts Against Harper” is taking off on social media for offering nude photos to people who vote in the country’s upcoming federal election

The organization is against Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and wants to incentivize people to vote through its “VOTES4NUDES” campaign that sends nude photos to those with proof that they voted in the election The campaign itself started on Tuesday, and its Instagram accountracked up more than 2,400followers before being deleted The Instagram account is back up on Wednesday morning, and the Tumblr page is still going strong

The woman leading the campaign goes by the pseudonym Jessica Simps and toldVice’s Motherboardvertical that everyone who appears in the nude photos took the photos themselves and agreed to send them out

The photos include men and women alike, but the majority of the people swapping votes for nudes are male, Simps said

When Motherboard referencedCanadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau’srecent comment that Harper “doesnt want you to vote,” Simps said she agrees with this sentiment and will do anything to get others to pay attention and vote

“I think that were terrifying as women, and as young people,” she said “Basically, Im willing to do anything to spark the vote and get some interest If theres anything that Stephen Harper doesnt care about, its women and womens bodies, thats for sure”

While she’s unabashedly against Harper, she started this campaign because she wants to see people vote no matter what

“Thats the thing: I dont want to control who anybody is voting for, thats their right,” she said “I just want them to vote”

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