This dapper Japanese bunny has the best Instagram account

More dapper and suave than coffee shop hipsters sipping soy lattes and reading newspapers on a Sunday, PuiPui lives up to his name as The Most Stylish Bunny in the World.

* Spring has come * # * *

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The adorable Holland Lop gets gussied up in all sorts of costumes and shares his outfits on Instagram, from a little Sherlock Holmes to a witch, handmade by his owner. In one exquisitely fashionable shot, PuiPui’s tiny hip glasses rest gently on his tiny cute face and he props himself up in front of a MacBook like he’s about to distribute term sheets to investors.

* Hard working BusinessBun * * #

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PuiPui calls Tokyo home, and his photographer and owner is taking advantage of the springtime cherry blossoms to make PuiPui’s photoshoots even more beautiful.

* My little man * ( `) !!!! * *

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The little apricot bun has found a place in our hearts and Instagram feeds right next to Bodhi, the Menswear Dogwe think the dashing doge and this lovable Holland lop would make a debonair duo and the perfect partners in a real-life version of Zootopia.


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