This Girl Went Above And Beyond To Get A Curry To Her Friends In Spain

Living in a foreign country, you miss certain home comforts. Whether it’s your mum’s cooking, your favourite beeror just a particular brand of biscuits, there’s inevitably going to be something that you love, but can’t get your hands on abroad. readerNicola N Shilleabhin and her friends (all from Ireland, all living in Spain), it was a takeawayfrom their local Chinese.

They were craving it so much, that when Nicola went back to Ireland for a visit, she decided to try and get a curry from their local in Drogheda, and transport it all the way back to Spain for her pals.

First, she spent 40 euros on the grub:

…Which she then carefully packed into her luggage.

This had to be packed into the hold of the aeroplane, due to 100ml hand luggage restrictions..

As Nicola told

“The flight in question Dublin (40km from origin) to Madrid (450km from destination) was a jittery one filled with lots of turbulence- the Shepard feared, but not for her life but for the cheeky curry wrapped carefully and tucked into her case which lay beneath in the baggage hold!”

But thankfully, the curry arrived safely:

As Nicola said:

“Plates clashed, tears were shed and nails were bitten while the 3 minutes each plate took to circulate beneath the radiation of the modern microwave…”

But the story had a happy ending:

Seriously, that is dedication to food.



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