This Hilariously Lazy And Sassy French Bulldog Is Everything We Aspire To Be

Growing up a natural-born ginger, I’ve earned quite the reputation of serving up sass at every opportunity.

For me, sass is nothing more than a comedic schtick used to lighten up the mood. And although at times people may confuse my sassy personality as pettiness, I promise I never mean to come off that way. Life is pretty difficult on its own, so if not taking yourself too seriously and dishing out eye rolls and quick quips is how I choose to make it through the day, that’s just me being me.

But while my sass is always on point, I’ve finally met my match in a tiny French bulldog by the name of Milkshake. This pint-sized prince of sass is the perfect combination of a quick wit and a pretty lazy approach to life. His antics are sure to make you giggle.

“I’m wearing these shades to cover up the fact I’m judging you so hard right now.”

Not everyone can pull off chaps like this.

“Mom, I look fifty shades of cray!”


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