This Is How They Get Everyone On The Subway In Japan…And It’s Crazy

If you take subways on a regular basis, then you know how uncomfortable things can get when too many people board one train.

I’m extremely thankful to have a car in a city where driving isn’t totally impossible, because I hate when I’m forced to stand way too close to other people. That’s why if I ever visit Tokyo, Japan, I’m making it my mission to never take the subway.

Tokyo subways are incredibly crowded, even with trains coming about every five minutes. This problem is so severe, in fact, that workers have to literally push and shove riders inside the doors to get everyone to fit. If you have claustrophobia, you may want to skip the video below.

Just watching this is making me feel anxious.

Because of the sheer number of people who ride subways in Japan, stations used to hire oshiya, or pushers, for the sole purpose of forcing riders onto trains.

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Although this job is a thing of the past, subway workers still have to help push passengers during rush hour.

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And obviously, there is absolutely zero personal space inside the trains.

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Well, after all of those unsettling visuals, I know exactly what to say if anyone asks me to take the subway with them.

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