Trump Just Had To Comment On French First Lady’s ‘Good Shape’

PresidentDonald Trumphas long had a reputation for being sexist, but his interaction with Frances first lady on Thursday is further evidence that the man is nearly incapable of having a proper interaction with a woman in power.

Frances first couple, President Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron, welcomed Trump and FLOTUS to Paris as guests of the citys Bastille Day celebrations taking place on Friday. As Trump is wont to do, he handled the meeting with bizarre, vice-gripped handshaking:

Later, post-awkward handshakes, the quartet visited the Les Invalides museums.NBC released footage of the encounter in the museum where Trump tells Brigitte Macron that she is in such great shape and beautiful.

Trumps response to a woman who essentially choreographed her husbands entire campaignis both WTF?-inducing and somehow unsurprising.

Twitter seems to agree with these sentiments.

The exchange comes after an encounter with an Irish reporter in the Oval Office last month, when Trump interrupted a phone call with Irish Prime Minister Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to say the reporterhas a nice smile on her face, so I bet she treats you well.

Trumps sexist comments have not been limited to creepy compliments. He has also remarked on Mika Brzezinski bleeding badly from a face-lift, called Rosie ODonnell fat and ugly, and indicated that he could grab any woman by the pussy.

What a guy.


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