Two US Olympic Swimmers Have Been Banned From Leaving Brazil

In a bizarre and poorly organised twist at this year’s summer Olympic games, a Brazilian judge has ordered that US swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen’s passports be seized.

This comes after Lochte and Fiegan claimed that they and other team members were robbed at gunpoint while on their way back to the Olympic village.

Lochte claimed thathe, Feigen and two other members of the US swim team were travelling to the Athletes Village in a taxi in the early hours of the morning when armed men carrying police badges pulled them over.


The gunmen allegedly ordered them to drop to the ground and demanded their wallets and belongings.

And it didn’t seem to come as much of surprise to people, following the reports of crimes coming from spectators at the games. A video of some pretty bold pickpockets has been making the rounds too.

But Lochte and Fiegan are being accused oflyingabout the robbery, according to a daily newspaper in the country.

Judge Keyla Blanc, of the Special Tribunal for Fans and Major Events authorised a search and aarrest warrant for the swimmers – and allegedly intended to find Feigen’s cellphone and identify exactly where the swimmers were on Sunday.


But theres one problem

Lochte has already left thecountry and its believed Feigen may have gone too.

Civil police agents visited the U.S. delegation building on Wednesday and spoke to the head of security there, but neither of the swimmers was present.

Uh oh.

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H/T: Metro /Richard Hartley-Parkinson


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