VIDEO: 45 Year-Old Scottish Virgin Given The Gift Of Worlds First Giant Bionic Member!

Life without genitals was hard for Muhammed Abad.

A horrible accident when he was six caused him to lose his manhood – and one testicle. Enter technology 37 years later. Now the opportunity for a bionic pen*s presented itself and Muhammed jumped at the opportunity. He decided on the eight inch long model and now he can have the manhood, albeit robotic, that he missed out on all those years.

A little skingrafting from the forearm allowed for the creation of the bionic member. Three years of planning, prepping, and construction, Muhammed is now hung well.

Basically its a button on/off shaft which propels the pen*s into action. Muhammed is still getting used to it, and even sleep has been an adjustment. He says:

When you want a bit of action you press the on button, he says. When you are finished you press another button. It takes seconds. Doctors have told me to keep practicing. Actually, its kind of difficult to sleep as it gets in the way

Ready to check out a diagram of this bionic member? Gel-like fluid fills the ball which rushes into the shaft when activated, making it hard. Hit another button and the gel releases, going back to the flaccid state.

Heres the incredible news story on this amazing procedure:

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