WATCH: Entire Irish Pub Sings ‘Mr. Brightside’ In Moving Send-Off For Dead Friend

Mourners in Ireland celebrated the life of a local farmer by seriously rocking out to “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers.

Video going viral shows every single person attending a wake at Falvey’s Bar in Killorglin, County Kerry, emotionally belting out the smash hit.

Brian O’Sullivan stands on the counter to pay a moving tribute to Ger “Farmer” Foley, who had cystic fibrosis and recently died aged 45, reports the Irish Mirror.

“(Ger) is salt of the earth, he will never be replaced, but we will remember him forever in our lives,” he tells the dead man’s friends and family.

“I’ve been doing this song for a few years but I haven’t done it for a couple of years up on this counter, it’s the most appropriate song that you could ever get for this man, it’s ‘Mr. Brightside,'” he adds.

The music then comes on and O’Sullivan starts singing. He gets increasingly animated as he encourages the crowd to sing along with him, whips off his top and dives into the crowd and drops to the floor.

The entire pub then rocks out to the track, just as if they were at a concert. Tim Clifford uploaded the above video to Vimeo on Friday, and it’s now going viral with more than 370,000 views.

And here’s another clip, taken from another angle by Peter Teahan:


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